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EIFFEL bonbons®

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Imported from Spain! With Amazing Watermelon Flavor!

Promoting the study of Foreign Language with imported candies

The Foreign Candy Company, Inc. Hull, Iowa

We have been Promoting the Study of Foreign Language by importing Foreign Candy for over 35 years! Whether you are a Foreign Language teacher or just a candy addict we would love to have you try our imported candies. Feel free to browse our website and find a product that you would love to try!  We offer a wide assortment of candies for all Foreign Language teachers –  German Teachers, French Teachers, and Spanish teachers from all over the USA use our candies as incentives and fundraisers!

Order online or call us today at 1-800-767-4575 to get started with your next classroom or club promotion or your next fundraiser.  Our friendly, experienced staff is here to assist you every step of the way.

Featured Products

  • EIFFEL bonbons

    Delightful bite-sized candies!
    1-4 cases $457.60 per case
    5+ cases $444.80 per case
    1 carton $59.60 per carton

  • Day of the Dead Skull Pops

    Celebrate the Day of the Dead with delicious Skull Pops!
    1-4 Cases- $336.962 per case
    5+ Cases- $328.32per case
    Individual Carton- $59.04 per carton

  • Las Gran Sandias!

    Mouth-Watering Watermelon Wedges!
    1-4 cases $448.00 per case
    5+ cases $435.20 per case
    1 carton $58.40 per carton

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